About Maharashtra Nursing Council

Maharashtra Nursing Council, Mumbai Health is a state for physical, mental, social and spiritual well being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. Nursing is a process of meeting the health needs of society when they arise and of promoting good health for all.

The council shall be a body corporate and governed by

  • Maharashtra Nurses Act. 1966 ( modified up-to 30/11/1996)
  • Maharashtra Nursing Council Rules, 1971 ( modified up-to 01/06/1993)
  • Maharashtra Nursing Council By-Laws, 1973 ( modified up-to 31/05/1993) amended time to time.
  • MSCR

Constitution of the Council Under the Maharashtra Nurse Act 1966 chap. II sect.3(3), the Council comprises

Ex-officio Members

  • The Director of health services
  • The Director of medical education and research
  • The Superintendent of Nursing Services, Government of Maharashtra
  • The assistant director of health services (Nursing)
  • The Director of Higher Education or his nominee not below the rank of Deputy Director
  • The Superintendent of Nursing Services of the municipal corporation of greater Bombay

Elected Members

  • Five Registered Nurses from each of five regions
  • One heads of private and municipal affiliated institution
  • Five Matrons of affiliated institutions
  • Five Sister Tutors and Clinical Instructors of the affiliated institutions, from each of five regions
  • One Member, from the Maharashtra Medical Council
  • One Member from IMA
  • One Professor and lecturer of the Recognised Colleges of Nursing
  • One heads (Principals) or Recognised Colleges of Nursing
  • One Member from Trained Nurses Association of India (Maharashtra state branch)

Nominated Members

Four Members, to be nominated by the State Government out of whom one shall be public Health Nurse and three shall be, from amongst the Medical Practitioners or Teachers or in Nursing Colleges.


Maharashtra Nursing Council is dedicated to safe guard the health of the society at large by public interest by regulating the nursing profession by registration, providing highest standard of Nursing and Midwifery education and practice in the state of Maharashtra & Goa State.


Our Mission is to prepare safe competent, compassionate nursing professionals for life long learning, evidence based practice, autonomous administration and social commitment.

Office Bearers

Dr. Tatyarao Lahane
I/c Registrar
Mrs. Rachel George

Ex-Presidents & Registrars

List of State Nursing Councils under Indian Nursing Council